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The BSS Director will collaborate with the anchor organizations (InnerCity Struggle, Community Coalition, and Khmer Girls in Action) and coalition leaders to oversee the administration, organizing, campaigns, funder relationships, and strategic plan of the coalition. Other duties include: representation of the coalition to external audiences, participating in the education and juvenile justice landscape, and identifying and prospecting funding sources to ensure the coalition’s sustainability.


The BSS Director will enhance the strategic direction & collaborative efforts of the coalition. The Director will oversee a distributed leadership model to advance a unified policy organizing platform that stewards the implementation of past wins and advancing the coalition’s purpose.

Key tasks include:

Coalition Management & Campaigns

●     Convene coalition partners to oversee governance and decision-making of the coalition

●     Direct leadership spaces for youth and partner organizations

●     Establish and nurture a community identity around core coalition values and the practices

●     Oversee the implementation of coalition’s strategic priorities, guided by safety and youth justice survey and community engagement processes

●     Direct and implement campaign priorities, including policy development and strategic communication activities

●     Coordinate fundraising efforts to sustain the boys and young men of color efforts across Los Angeles county

Administrative & Supervision

●     Manage Coalition budget and oversee administration as official signatory

●     Identify trainings and provide support to coalition members to develop their capacity to build their campaign and organizing capabilities

●     Coordinate trainings and retreats with coalition members to deepen leadership and organizing skills of youth leaders and partners

●     Coordinate activities related to external evaluation

●     Supervise and develop coalition coordinators to enhance their skills and contributions to the coalition

●     Direct coalition-specific leadership development pipeline efforts, including the BSS youth justice fellowship and pilot creative arts program

●     Supervise a consultant to assist the coalition with strategic communications that advance campaign goals

●     Coordinate with InnerCity Struggle staff on campaign, communication, fundraising, and administrative tasks as it relates to BSS efforts

External Partnerships & Communications

●     Identify, coordinate and potentially align BSS coalition efforts with key regional coalitions and campaigns

●     Act as the official representative for the coalition to external partners

●     Provide updates to funders on coalition progress towards goals as needed (quarterly, monthly, bi-annually, etc.)

●     Recruit and retain BSS partner organizations to sustain membership

All other duties as assigned


The ideal candidate will possess the following:

●       High school diploma (or equivalent) or higher

●       4-5 years of work experience in an educational or professional setting

●       Experience working in a fast‐paced environment

●       Demonstrated ability to supervise and manage a growing staff

●       Demonstrated experience with foundation-based fundraising


●     Demonstrated competence in Ethnic Studies, Sociology, Public Administration, Non Profit Management, or other Social Science related fields

●     Minimum of 4-5 years of community organizing experience, particularly in Los Angeles

●     Proven experience in campaign strategy and development

●     Background in the education and juvenile justice landscape across California and Los Angeles

●     Proven track record of working with youth of color

●     Ability to manage multiple priorities relevant to the coalition

●     Outstanding organizational skills

●     Ability to effectively communicate with varied audiences using multiple mediums, including social media

●     Ability to read and interpret data for public policy

●     Proficiency with budget management

●     Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Google Suite

●     Ability to work collaboratively

●     Ability to work under pressure and perform tasks with limited direction

●     Great attention to detail

●     Conscious and literate in ‘race’ politics (including, but not limited to: anti-Blackness, settler colonialism, xenophobia, etc), LGBTQIA+ issues, Gender Justice, and a commitment to deepening learning

●       Bi-lingual English/Spanish a plus

●       Strong interpersonal skills

●       Strong belief in the BSS mission, approach and core values, demonstrated by past involvement in the coalition and/or ability to articulate these elements

●       Strong work ethic

●       Ability to facilitate and manage political and organizational dynamics including collective visioning, compromise, and conflict resolution


In the performance of their respective tasks and duties all employees are expected to conform to the following:

●     Perform quality work within deadlines with or without direct supervision.

●     Interact professionally with other employees, partners, youth, and the public

●     Work effectively as a team contributor on all assignments; including strategic planning and fundraising efforts.

●     Work independently while understanding the necessity for communicating and coordinating work efforts with other employees and organizations.


Applicants who have experience with school push-out, incarceration, identify as Black, Indigineous, or Person of Color (BIPOC) Communities, and/or LGBTQ are strongly encouraged to apply


InnerCity Struggle has a COVID-19 vaccine & booster mandate for all employees and new hires. If you are not yet vaccinated, new hires must have their 1st dose by their starting date and 2nd dose by the end of their introductory period. Information about the COVID-19 Vaccine, please visit

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